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Traditional Martial Arts.  Real Self Defense.  Proudly Serving the Community Since 1977.


Children's Programs

Kid Tested.  Parent Approved.

Giving the gift of Martial Arts is one of the most rewarding things any parent can do for their child.  At Cho's Taekwondo - not only will your child develop physical skills but more importantly the understanding of hard work and fighting spirit.

The Children's Taekwondo Program is built upon laying a solid foundation of discipline and respect in all of our students.  Our Children's Curriculum come directly from Grand Master Ameris' 30+ years of Martial Arts Experience.  Our program is proven and has produced a number of success stories from Naval Academy Cadets to transforming socially challenged children to fighting Black Belts.  Our instructors teach each student with the attention that they deserve.

In addition to assisting parents in the early character development of their children - our Children's Program works at building fitness and coordination in all of it's students.  Basic exercise is apart of each lesson, as well as reflex development through the repetitious movements and techniques.  Live sparring provides students with a strong baseline for potential bullying scenarios and Grand Master Ameris' famous "life questions" help fully prepare children for how to act when faced with various scenarios - such as being approached by a stranger or getting lost. 

Class Description

AIMAA Panthers (ages 4-6):  The AIMAA Panther's curriculum is filled with fun and repetition.  Instructors focus on Martial Arts basics while developing large motor skills, coordination, listening ability, and the understanding of respect.

Children's Taekwondo (ages 6+):  A typical Kid's Class is centered around exercise basics and traditional technique.  As students progress in rank, they will begin to spar and cultivate the understanding of real world bully defense and stranger danger.

Although the curriculum is demanding and the classes are structured, the Kid's Program is loaded with "games" and activities to make repetition and most importantly - ensure the students are having fun while learning.