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619 Carl Ave
New Kensington, PA, 15068
United States


Traditional Martial Arts.  Real Self Defense.  Proudly Serving the Community Since 1977.


Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect from my first class?  The first class for students, as with any 'first', may seem overwhelming.  That's ok - we've literally been there before.  Remember that all of our instructors have a wealth of experience in practicing and instructing Martial Arts to people of all ages and needs.  

On your first day, your instructor will teach you Taekwondo basics featuring our code of conduct while being sure to give you a great workout.  Children will be sure to experience a wide range of agility drills, exercise games, and basic technique.

How long are classes?  Children's classes are 45 minutes.  Adult class is 1 hour.

What do I need to bring?  Nothing.  We suggest that students initially wear something comfortable to work out in - fitness pants or shorts and a T-shirt will work just fine.  We also encourage students to bring a towel to keep clean after class but it is not required.

As a student progresses, they will be required to purchase a Dobuk (uniform) and their own sparring equipment.  Those items can be purchased through our office.

What is the AIMAA Student Handbook & Why is it Important?  The AIMAA Student Handbook is basically your roadmap to success in our system of Taekwondo.  The handbook is an all inclusive, comprehensive manual featuring belt requirements, history, Martial Arts conduct, and even a nutritional manual.

When can I start?  Immediately.  All new students must take a free introductory lesson to go over basic techniques and etiquette to give them and idea of what to expect.