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Traditional Martial Arts.  Real Self Defense.  Proudly Serving the Community Since 1977.

Taekwondo-Ameris Blog

Taekwondo-Ameris Blog

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Beyond the Belt

Philip Ameris Jr.

Beyond the Belt is a short Documentary Film chronicling Grand Master Philip Ameris' journey through the Martial Arts.  The film features vintage stories from Grand Master Ameris' students, family, friends, and instructors - directed by long time student and AIMAA Black Belt, Stephanie Trainer.

"Tune Your Technique to Fit Your Physique"

Philip Ameris Jr.

Below is a downloadable article from Black Belt Magazine featuring Grand Master Ameris, Mr. Jacob Cho, and Mr. Philip Ameris Jr.  "Tune Your Technique to Fit Your Physique" offers up expert advice on what techniques and strategies work best for varying body types.

Author: Sara Fagan

Publication: Black Belt Magazine (2002, Vol. 40 No. 9)





Fit 2 Fight: Holiday Holdover (2 Week FREE Workout Program)

Philip Ameris Jr.

Each week consists of 3 workouts.  We recommend that you take at least one day in between training sessions before performing the next workout (ie. Monday, Wednesday, Friday - or Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday). If you complete all 6 Days, feel free to repeat.

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The 3 Principles of Stand Up Fighting (Sport)

Philip Ameris Jr.

Stand Up Fighting, like any discipline, takes years of development. Over time, practitioners will cultivate their own style based on what works best for their body type, ability, and the appropriate rules of engagement.  But what should a student or competitor look for when seeking to improve - that's when invoking a "fighting principle" comes into play.

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The Secret is Sweat.

Philip Ameris Jr.

When it comes to health and fitness, everyone is fighting for something.  Whether that's losing a few pounds, returning to athletic glory,  or simply getting out of a rut - our 12 week "Training Camp" can be your gateway to kicking through the doors of fitness boredom while learning the stress relieving, confidence building techniques of real martial arts.

Our process is simple: Hard Work Equals Results.  The secret lies in the sweat.  Check out the short film below to get an idea of what Fit 2 Fight is all about.

Directed by Stephanie Trainer.