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Traditional Martial Arts.  Real Self Defense.  Proudly Serving the Community Since 1977.

Taekwondo-Ameris Blog

Taekwondo-Ameris Blog

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Tae Kwon Do's Self-Reliance Training

Philip Ameris Jr.

One of the distinct  advantages of training in Traditional Martial Arts is developing Self Reliance.  In order to achieve rank and perfect technique, each student must take individual responsibility and put in the time and effort.

As an instructor, I want all my students to reach their goals and use Taekwondo to improve every aspect of their life.  It is my goal that every student is healthy, confident, and becomes a better version of themselves through the training they receive at our Do-Jang.  However (as with anything with value) there must be a price to pay.  My father used to tell me, “ there is no free lunch -  if you want something, YOU must work to get it “. 

Over the years, one of the mottos for our Do-Jang has been that "the standard is the standard".  When that saying is broken down, it can simply be interpreted that each student must rise to that standards that have been established and those standards cannot and will not be lower to accommodate the students.  

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Beyond the Belt

Philip Ameris Jr.

Beyond the Belt is a short Documentary Film chronicling Grand Master Philip Ameris' journey through the Martial Arts.  The film features vintage stories from Grand Master Ameris' students, family, friends, and instructors - directed by long time student and AIMAA Black Belt, Stephanie Trainer.