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Traditional Martial Arts.  Real Self Defense.  Proudly Serving the Community Since 1977.

Fit 2 Fight:  FREE Home Training Program

Taekwondo-Ameris Blog

Taekwondo-Ameris Blog

Fit 2 Fight: FREE Home Training Program

Philip Ameris Jr.

Typically during the months of July & August, our 12 Week Conditioning Boot Camp (Fit 2 Fight) is on "break".  During this time, our Dojang offers a FREE Introductory Taekwondo Program to any interested Fit 2 Fight participant, as well as a limited time Friday Night Kickboxing Class ($10 drop in fee) to any adult student or guest. 

Although the options are plenty, we will also be providing a FREE 4 Week Training Program to tide participants over until F2F Round 3 (September 13, 2016).  The training program below does not require much equipment and can be performed in little time.  It is important to note that these workouts DO NOT FEATURE any of the KICKBOXING portion of our full F2F program.

Participants should also understand that these Workouts are mere suggestions that can and should be modified if needed.  There is also no provided demonstration of any type in regards to the proper form of the exercises mentioned below.  We encourage anyone using these workouts to first check with a medical professional to ensure their own personal safety and health, in addition to consulting with a proper Fitness Professional to ensure each exercise is being performed with optimum technique.  

We hope that these workouts provide you with an outlet for ongoing health and fitness, and welcome all interested participants to our Summer Friday Kickboxing Class (6:30 - 7:30 pm).  Please visit for any additional information regarding our Full 12 Week Conditioning Program, Fit 2 Fight.

All The Best,



4 Week Home Conditioning Program


HOW TO USE:  This 4 Week Conditioning Program can be used as a Stand Alone Method to get in shape, supplement additional Strength Training, or provide a some what "stop gap" for current Fit 2 Fight Participants.  The only equipment needed is a Jump Rope and Kettlebell.

We suggest participants Train 2X Per Week + Friday Night Kickboxing Class.  We encourage participants to keep a workout log (simple notepad and paper) with them to track progress.  Be sure to note rep counts during circuits and timed exercises* when appropriate. - this will provide a baseline of where your current fitness levels are and where they can be.  

TIMED, NOT FOR TIME:  Timed exercises should be performed with optimum form and pace with a running clock.  Be sure to note the amount of time it takes for you to finish the appropriate exercises.  DO NOT rush through he exercise in order to execute as many reps as possible in a given period.  

All students to should properly warm up before each workout.  Below is a sample Warm Up that we use often at Fit 2 Fight.

Warm Up:

Perform 10 Reps of the Following Exercises:

Neck Rotations (Front)/Neck Rotations (Side)/Bush Wackers/Arm Circles (Front)/Arm Circles (Back)/Bat Wings/Side Rotations/Full Windmill/3 Way Floor Touch

Perform 10 Reps of Each Leg Swing Per Leg

Front Rising Kick/Side Rising Kick/Inside Crescent Kick

Jumping Jack Circuit: Perform each exercise for 30 seconds in succession, repeating 2X (4 Mins)

Day 1:

A. Warm Up (Provided Above)

B. Calisthenic Circuit: Alternate Exercises each Round 30 Seconds ON/30 Seconds OFF.  Example: 30 Seconds Exercise A - REST 30 Seconds - Exercise B: 30 Seconds - REST 30 Seconds.  Repeat this cycle 6x (Total Time: 6 minutes 10 seconds).  Rest 2 mins between rounds.

Round 1: 1A. Pike Push Up/2B. Air Squat

Round 2: 2A. Standard Push Up/2B. Reverse Lunge

Round 3: 3A. Sprawl/3B. Y Iso Hold

C. Tabata Interval: KB Swing

D. 10 x 10 x 10*: Warrior Sit Up

* Perform 10 reps every 10 seconds 10x

E. Full Body Stretch (10-15 Mins.)

Day 2:

A. Warm Up (Provided Above)

B.  Hill Sprints* (6 - 10 X)

* Go outside, find a moderate or steep hill and run up it as fast as possible.

C. Chinese Sit Up (100 Seconds)

D. Full Body Stretch

Day 3:

A. Warm Up (Provided Above)

B. 1 Arm Kettlebell Circuit - 30 sec on 15 off repeat each arm 10 total rounds 7:40 total time rest 2 mins - repeat 2-3 times

Round 1: Right Arm Push Press          Round 2: Left Arm Push Press

Round 3: Right Arm High Pull             Round 4: Left Arm High Pull

Round 5: Right Arm Bent Row            Round 6: Left Arm Bent Row

Round 7: Off Set Push Up (R)              Round 8: Off Set Push Up (L)

Round 9: Vertical Curl (R)                   Round 10: Vertical Curl (L)

C. 10 x 10 x 10: Goblet or Air Squat

D. Tabata Interval: KB Swing

E. Full Body Stretch (10-15 mins)

Day 4: 

A. Warm Up (Provided Above)

B. Jump Rope (4 x 2 mins 30 sec)

C. Tabata Interval: Jump Rope

D. Off Set Farmers Walk*: 6 x 2 mins each arm continuous (12 mins total)

* Grip Kettlebell or Dumbell in hand (be sure to stand upright with good posture) and walk continuously.  

E. Ab Superset: Leg Raise - Hold (10 reps 10 sec x 5.  Repeat 2x)

F. Full Body Stretch

Day 5:

A. Warm Up (Provided Above)

B.  20-1/1-20 Ladder* (Timed): Push Ups - Sprawls

Perform 20 Push Ups followed by 1 Sprawl.  Perform 19 Push Ups followed by 2 Sprawls. Perform 18 Push Ups followed by 3 Sprawls.....Perform 1 Push Up followed by 20 Sprawls.  

Be sure to perform all reps with optimum form and mark down your time of completion.

C. Iso Holds*: Y,W,T 10 sec each x 4

* Reference Joe DeFranco

D. Chinese SU: 100 sec

E. Full Body Stretch

Day 6: 

A. Warm Up

B. Hill Sprints (6 - 10x)

C. Plank Circuit

Front/R Side/L Side 30 s on - 10 off repeat 2-4 x continuious

D. Full Body Stretch

Day 7:

A. Warm Up

B. KB Thruster: 50 - 100 reps (Timed but NOT FOR TIME)

C. Bear Crawl Sprints: 20 seconds ON -  20 seconds OFF x 4 (Total time 2:50 total.  Repeat 3x)

D. 10 x 10 x 5*: Push Ups (Repeat 2 x if desired)

* Perform 10 reps every 10 seconds 5 x

E. Full Body Stretch

Day 8:

A. Warm Up

B. Timed Run (1-3 miles, depending on fitness level)

C. 10 x 10 x 10: Warrior SU

D. Bridge Hold: 100 Sec.

E. Full Body Stretch