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Taekwondo-Ameris Blog

Taekwondo-Ameris Blog

The Foundation: Self Improvement

Philip Ameris Jr.

This entry marks the first official post on the Blog.   First off, we would like to thank all of the subscribers to our blog,  any web browsers that have found our page, and most importantly - the very special people that have supported this idea and new feature to our website.

Before I dive into any of our upcoming plans or features of this blog - it is particularly important to give viewers a firm understanding of the motivation behind this medium and more importantly, the general foundation of what makes Martial Arts training relative in today's society.

The foundation is and always should be self improvement.  That may sound simple in theory but in practice can be much more difficult.  Self improvement serves as the foundation of all martial arts training (regardless of style).  To those readers who actively participate in some sort of martial art, think back to the reasons why you began training or even the motivations for continued practice.  Whether you were a parent who enrolled their child to provide them with a structured environment or develop the skills to deal with a bully, a teen who watched a movie or MMA competition on television and thought it was cool, or an adult who needed to get back in shape and learn some self defense skills - all reasons point towards self improvement.

For active martial artists, self improvement is paramount for continued development. Although goals and (even) skills will inevitably change over time, the pursuit of improving one's self is an ongoing journey that separates martial arts from hobby to lifestyle.

There is an old adage in our Dojang, "the challenges on the mat make everything off of the mat a little bit easier".  So with that in mind, it is the goal of this blog to be rooted in self improvement through martial arts.  It will never be the intention of our content to bring negativity to any martial arts practice, style, or system.  We view this blog as a forum to provide quality content supported by a lifetime of experience, rooted firmly in our foundational beliefs.

The content will vary but focus on the importance of creating a "living" Martial Art.  A way of training based on the current times, needs, and development of techniques to add to a practitioners arsenal while displaying the functionality of the traditional aspects of Martial Arts Training.  It is our belief that any and all content featured on this blog should be viewed as a tool and not a religion.  We encourage all readers to take what they feel is important and discard what they do not value - as there are many ways to skin a cat.  It is important to note that when it comes to martial arts training (and life in general) one size certainly does not fit all.

Over the next few moths, readers should expect features on "Kick Fixes", stand up strategies for competition fighting (MMA & Kickboxing), tools for developing a Self Defense mind set, practical applications of traditional techniques, teaching tips,  and even Strength & Conditioning.  These concepts combined with pertinent  articles will be posted in the true spirit of martial arts - continued self improvement.

It is our hope that this blog will provide a forum for all readers to improve themselves and spread the fundamental teachings, techniques, and benefits of Martial Arts training.  We look forward to your feedback and are very excited about the many things to come.


As our first feature, check out a video of one of our long time students.  Mr. Jim West: Life Begins at 80.  This video was shot a few years back before his passing.  Jim's courage to continually push himself throughout his life up through his last days embodies what Martial Arts training is all about, and should serve as motivation to anyone looking to come up with an excuse for not  challenging themselves.