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Traditional Martial Arts.  Real Self Defense.  Proudly Serving the Community Since 1977.

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Grand Master Hee Il Cho

"The Taekwondo Prophet..." - Martial Arts Illustrated

For over 50 years, Grand Master Hee Il Cho has devoted his life to the philosophies of Taekwondo and the enhancement of it's techniques.  His walk in the Martial Arts began at age 10 when he was left in humiliation after being brutally beaten up by a local gang.  This early incident triggered his determination to never be unable to defend himself again.  Training diligently every day, Grand Master Cho never looked back - eventually establishing the reputation as one of the most respected Martial Artists of All Time.

A living legend, Grand Master Cho has been inducted into every major Martial Arts Hall of Fame.  At age 21, he was selected to train the Elite Special Forces of the Korean National Army and eventually recruited to train the Special Forces of India.  Around that same time Grand Master Cho began participating in many competitions (both Martial Arts and Boxing) and quickly gained the reputation of a fierce fighter and forms competitor - winning over 30 National and International Tournaments.

In 1968, Grand Master Cho immigrated to the United States and settled in Chicago, IL.  After a few states and countless hours of working during the day and teaching Taekwondo in the evenings, Grand Master Cho settled in Providence, RI - opening a small Dojang.  Within just a few years, he opened eight schools throughout the New England area.  Twelve years later, Grand Master Cho founded the Action International Martial Arts Association (AIMAA) and relocated to Los Angeles, CA with the hopes of creating a unified body of Martial Artists, pursuing the peace and harmony of the art.

Grand Master Cho's contributions to the Martial Arts have taken on many forms throughout the years.  He's authored 11 books, produced over 70 videos, and been featured on over 70 Martial Arts magazine covers.  In addition - Grand Master Cho has lead countless seminars, been inducted into both the Black Belt Magazine and Taekwondo Times Hall of Fame, and has also appeared in feature films Fight to Win, Best of the Best, Bloodsport II, and Bloodsport III.  Grand Master Cho was recently named Black Belt Magazine's 2012 Man of the Year.

AIMAA (Action International Martial Arts Association)

The AIMAA is an innovative and leading Martial Arts organization dedicated to serve as the unifying body for Taekwondo and all other Martial Arts styles.  AIMAA was founded in 1980 by Grand Master Hee Il Cho and has been steadily expanding in size, knowledge, and support ever since.  

AIMAA is a service oriented organization which has kept an open mind as to remain progressive with it's incorporation of training techniques.  It is not the intent of our organization to unite systems in terms of style, however, to recognize each style for it's unique qualities and to unite the great universal spirit of peace and harmony - the fundamental elements found in all Martial Arts.

AIMAA is an organization founded on the philosophy and principle of being able to provide as comprehensive and complete training structure as possible.  Our organization provides and promotes seminars by Grand Master Hee Il Cho and other senior representatives of the affiliation.

AIMAA is a no politics organization dedicated to provided members with a direct line of communication with his headquarters in order to best provide support to each individual school and student,  AIMAA is an affiliation established for the support of its members and the betterment of Taekwondo and the Martial Arts.