Taekwondo’s Precision Kicking Drills

It's great if your kicks are fast and powerful, but it's not so great if you cannot hit your target. If this is you or if you just want to develop the precision of a smart bomb, try the following drills.

 DRILL No. 1

Name: Counter Kick - Jab - Sidekick Counter

How It Is Done: While your partner throws a jab, he holds his opposite hand on his rib cage. Meanwhile, throw a front leg sidekick at your partner's hand. Con­centrate and make sure you hit the target.

Specs: Do this for three minutes.

Tips: Some people start off too fast and get sloppy.  Take it slow. It's not a bad idea to start off briefly with just the jabs. Then work into the sidekick counter. When you throw the kick, make sure you hit your partner's hand and do not try to break his ribcage. Remember, this is for accuracy and timing.


Name: Fake Hook Kick/Sidekick Drill

How To Do It: Assume a fighting stance. Look high and fake a hook kick to your partner's head. Do a slide-in step and drop a sidekick into your partner's stomach. Both kicks must come off the lead leg. If your kick misses his stomach, analyze what mistake you made and determine how you should correct it.

Specs: Start with two three-minute rounds. Pretend like this is an actual sparring match. This not only will develop your kicking preci­sion, it will also improve your endurance. When the gas tank goes on E, you not only lose the accuracy of your kicks but also the speed and power.

Tips: Be convincing when you throw the fake. You have to make your partner think you're going to hammer him with the hook kick. Also, you don't want to send your partner into the next area code, but make sure that your side­kick hits his stomach. The objective is to make light contact to a moving live target so you can develop real kicking accuracy.


Performance Tips

bullet If you want, you can wear hand and foot gear. This should be the type of protection that you would use while sparring.
bullet Do not get into a rhythm and go back and forth. Nor should you set these drills up in a prearranged fashion.
bullet Timing is the next most important element in kicking accuracy. To develop precision kicks, the drills must simulate an actual sparring match as much as possible.



Name: Jumping Back Turning Kick Off of Partner's Reverse Punch

How It Is Done: Assume a close fight­ing stance to your partner, Have your part­ner throw a reverse punch to your head. As he begins to turn his shoulders to exe­cute the punch, begin spinning for your kick. Kick your partner in the chest.

Specs: Do the first 30 repetitions slowly and then go into your three-minute routine.

Tips: Be sure to make light contact. Also, make sure you start to turn as soon as you see your partner begin his punch


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